Saturday, May 24, 2008

10 days and counting

I slept in my bed all night last night! Yay for me! Doug has been snoring so much while recovering from surgery that I've been on the couch for a week. Every night I try...every night I end up on the couch...but not last night! I woke up to Emily tapping my shoulder and when I opened my eyes I was still in my own room! Small victory I know but I'm hoping this means that Doug is getting better because for the last 10 days every day is worse than the one before it.

The kids only have 2 1/2 more days of school did that happen? I'm not ready for them to be home yet...but I am ready to be done with the whole school routine for awhile. It's still not very warm here in Chicago strange? Usually by this time we are well into the 80's...this year we haven't hit 80 yet?

Hopefully the weather will break soon and hopefully Doug's pain will break soon and hopefully our family will return back to normal soon...hopefully....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Surgery Day

This has been a very difficult year this year for seems he has been sick more often than he has been well. In fact, when we went back and looked at the charts we discovered he had Strep 8 times in the past 12 months. On top of that he had multiple sinus infections so many that between the strep and the infections it seemed like he was taking an antibiotic more often than not. Dr. Gartlan, a friend of ours, told Doug months ago that he thought surgery was his only option but it took Doug a long time and 2 more bouts of Strep to agree.

When we went to the doctor for an exam we found out that he indeed need his tonsils out but even more importantly he needed his nose fixed. The CT scan of his nose looked like a squiggly line. There was absolutely nothing straight in his nose, it was amazing!

So today he went under the knife to have this extensive corrective surgery. The recovery time for this is quite long--he has to take 2 1/2 weeks off of work! He is in a lot of pain right now, but never fear I am drugging him up...and it's hilarious! He's on Oxycontin, Tylenol, Celebrex, an antibiotic and nasal rinse. Yikes! I know Jana wants to be a nurse but that has never and will never be in my cards.

Say a prayer for us because Dr. Gartlan says that days 5-9 are worse than the first few days...oh boy!



Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Today was a wonderful day here in Biermaland! It started out with church this morning. I had the great opportunity to sing the Mom's Overture live in was thrilling and tons of fun! Then we went to my dear friends Laura and Bob's house for dinner. We were joined by Dave and Carol and Tim and Jen. The guys put everything together, made the menu, made the food and cleaned up! It was wonderful! Tim and Jen came back to our house after dinner so Wyatt could take a nap and the guys could play X-Box. I got a new pink camera for Mother's Day and a here are some of my first shots. The camera also came with 10 I'm looking forward to getting better hopefully I'll improve soon.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

This is like growing up in my house between my brother and I.