Monday, November 27, 2006

Test Results

I'm not sure how to link the test results so I'll just list them.

Question #1 What is my middle name?

Question #2 I have been to...
both A & B Correct!

Question #3 Who gave me my first kiss?

Question #4 There's nothing better than...
A beer on the pool deck.

Question #5 What is my favorite color?


Question #6 My dream vacation would be...
A cruise in the Bahamas

Question #7 My favorite TV show this season is...
Grey\'s Anatomy

Question #8 What is my favorite comfort food?

Chicken Pot Pie Correct!

Question #9 What is my favorite flower?
Gerber Daisy
Question #10 If I could I would drive a...

There they are the little secrets of my mind...thanks for playing.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What is really true?

Look carefully at the white dots on the grid. How many black, grey and white dots do you see?

There really are no grey or black dots. Your eyes are deceiving you.

Sometimes my communication with people seems like this to me. Even if I know the truth, I still see grey dots and they just keep dancing and changing shape????????????????????????????????????????

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Da Bears LOST!

I apologize to all you Bears fans...Doug was personally responsible for the loss this afternoon. Doug was invited to spend the afternoon in a skybox at Soldier field for da Bears game and I'm afraid that it was his presence that must have put Rex into shock, had the special teams shaking and made the offense just plain ineffective. Although you wouldn't have know that they had lost by the stories of the skybox that Doug told. It seems that even though things suck on the field things up in the boxes are still quite wonderful. More food than you could possibly eat, more drinks than you could possibly consume and he said something about a raspberry cheesecake for the fourth quarter. So even though da Bears were getting slaghtered on the field the guys up in the skyboxes were still having fun...wish I had been there!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Last Night Pics

Emily was a biker chick, Christian, a zombie, Colin, a pumkin head ghost, Owen, a White Sox player Kenerko or somebody???, Wesley, a super-fan "Da Bears", Jed, Lightning McQueen...aka Flash!" I was the wicked witch of the west, yep painted my face green and was AWESOME...sorry no pictures! We collected almost a pillow case full of candy and handed out 6 bags...Hope you all had fun last night and felt like a kid yourself for just a little while!