Sunday, May 27, 2007

Summer starts in 2 1/2 days!!!

I'm sorry that it has been so long since I last two weeks have been filled with history reports, salt maps, making t-shirts, preschool graduation, field trips, praise team practices, choir practices and worship meetings. They have not been filled with laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, making beds, swishing toilets or even picking up garbage that those who live in my house drop on floors, dressers, under couches, or in the couches. I looked around today after two weeks of busyness and felt like I was going to faint! I joined flylady last week hoping to be inspired but I've been so busy I just delete the thousands of emails she's been sending...but now school is almost over and it's time to take back my life!

I'm sort of scared about the kids being home for the summer...they tend to eat me out of house and home, make crazy messes and just generally be around all the time...but I do welcome the change of pace, the having fun and just getting reacquainted with them. I always feel like the beginning of summer is a sort of "new year" for us. It's a time that we can reassign chores, try to start new habits and get life back in order. September, January and June are those times when I can make resolutions to get back on track. I like having three chances a year.

I'm still doing WW and am down 11.2lbs! That is very exciting and my clothes are starting to get loose! AWESOME!!! 5 more lbs and I've promised myself a shopping trip. I've gotten to the point where people are starting to notice and let me tell you that is very encouraging...but also I get prideful and lazy then thinking I've got this weight thing figured out and start to stray from the rules. So I'm trying to be careful.

Hope you all have a great Memorial Day holiday and talk to ya soon!

Friday, May 11, 2007


-1.4 this week,I can't believe I didn't lose more...I mean nothing except water and cough drops wen in my mouth from Monday to Thursday...but I did have a lot of cake, beer and chips on Fri, Sat & Sun. Now I'm back to the weight I was the last time I started WW...that kind of stinks...but forward I go...with visions of skinny me dancing in my head. When she shows up I'll be sure to post! Peace Out.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Two Lines...It's Positive!

I took a positive strep test today! I've never been so happy to see two lines before! A hefty dose of antibiotics and I'm starting to feel better. This Strep kicked my butt...high fever, all over body ache, a throat that was so sore I have chosen not to eat for two days(now that's a strong bug), and a swollen neck that is so sore it hurts to touch it. My laundry has gone undone, my dishes have gone undone, I have no idea what people have been eating around here and I'm not even sure if the older kids had lunches to bring to school. Don't you hate when mommy gets sick?

Friday, May 04, 2007

-7.8 lbs

Had my third weigh in last night and I was down another 3lbs! Whoo Hoo! That brings my total to 7.8lbs! So, what am I doing? Celebrating with a beer and chips? Ya, WW has more work to do on my thinking process, I know. If you volunteer to tell the group your weight loss so they will all clap for you(my personal favorite part of the meeting) then the leader asks you what you did and how you did it? My secret...I lost last week to Laura and it really pissed me off. See, I'm a competitive type and although I really wanted to be happy for her(and somewhere deep in my heart I was, I think) it pissed me off more than anything. I heard my wimpy .6 loss and compared it to her impressive 2lb loss and thought "Game On Sister!" So although I told the leader my secret was snacking all day and journaling I know that the real reason I was able to log a 3lb loss was because I couldn't stand the thought of losing...I think that makes me a loser!

Well, happy Friday to all of you...bottoms up!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Have you heard of Lala?

I was reading through the Trib on Sunday and there was this great article about the new face of the music industry. It found it interesting that CD sales still account for almost 95% of sales...I thought digital sales would be so much higher. Although there is something so satisfying about having actual album art work to hold isn't there. I bought a Little Big Town CD digitally and it just wasn't as much fun...although I'm terribly sick of all the CD cases lying around my house...they take up so much room and seem to collect dust more than anything. Ok, so on to the reason why I'm posting. There is this website called where you can trade the CD's you no longer want for CD's you do, and it only cost $1! I recently bought a CD that had parental warning on it(I am so innocent I didn't even think to look!)...well needless to say I can't listen to it in the car, which is the only place I have a chance to listen to music, which stinks cause I really like the CD, anyway, I listed it on and have agreed to trade it and in return I get to choose a CD that I want...sort of like Netflicks-you make a list of what you want and then wait for them to show up in the mail. It has been a good way for me to catalog what I own, which is meager and see if I can get anything new. If you're interested, please let me send you a email invite, cause I get a cool T-shirt for each friend who activates a membership... Check it out...I think it's a great website and an inventive way to use the internet.