Friday, August 29, 2008

Soccer Mom's can rule the world!

It's rumored that Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin will be John McCain's VP pic and I'm in awe! I've don't know much about this 40 something soccer mom from AK but I do like the idea of a conservative women getting the chance to have a say in Washington. She has a degree in Communications/Journalism and decided that what she saw in local politics needed to be changed and that she could make a difference. She was elected to local government, state government and now has the national spot light...can you believe it?! I'm inspired by her story....because it could have been could have been can make a difference! Soccer Mom's can rule the world! = )

Quiet Please!

Yesterday was the kid's first full day of school...and Wesley was ready to pick up the kids by 11am. We must have had a hundred conversations that went like this:

Wes: Can we go pick up the kids?
Me: No, they aren't done yet.
Wes: Yes they are.
Me: No, they are not.
Wes: Yes they are.
Me: No the bus is not there yet, we have to wait until this afternoon.
Wes: Is it afternoon yet?

And on and on it went...for hours and hours and hours.

I left a half hour early for the bus stop just because I couldn't take one more argument...he fell asleep on the way....THANK GOD! A few minutes of peace and then the bus arrived.

8am Today--he's learned to ride a two-wheeler
8:15 He rode his scooter
8:17 Asked for a snack
8:20 Asked again
8:30 Played with cars outside
8:31 Sprinklers came on and scared the cr*! out of he's back in the house....TALKING TO ME about what he wants for Christmas and asking why he can't go to school?? Help Me!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pictures are on Facebook...are you?

My Hilton Head pictures are listed on facebook...check them out if you dare. See you soon Melissa! = )

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Joe Biden, really? Yuck!

When's bed time?

When we got home from vacation, Doug and I decided that since school starts in a week and a half we were going to institute early bed times so that the kids could recover from vacation and get ready for school. Great idea! Wrong!

Ever since we said, "You are going to bed on time," we have had more opportunities to go out than ever before. Baseball games, dinner parties, late night neighborhood chats and so on. I think my kids are more tired this weekend than they were last weekend when we declared the bedtime rule. Argh!!!

So, bed time starts tonight! My 11 year-old would say, "Whatever!"

I've got a good handle on my little guys bed time...7:30-8:00...seems to work well for them. It's the older two that have me a little confused. What is a good bed time for a 6th grader? He will be getting up at 6:45 in the morning. Any ideas?

We are off to Emily's first soccer game...I'd take pictures if I could find my camera, but then again I'd be posting about vacation if I could have found my camera!