Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat

T - 1 hour and counting...

I've got a zombie, a biker chick, Lighting McQueen and a two-year-old going out to dutifully collect candy for me this year...let me tell you Halloween candy x4 is to die for...I'm so excited! I haven't had a good Butterfingers in a LONG time. I only wish I could follow the rules for eating Halloween candy that I impose on my children! Ha! My mouth starts watering around 7:30 because I know the free for all starts as soon as all of the little ones are safely tucked in their beds which is around 8:00pm. So trick or treat to all of you...I will be treating myself tonight...I just love this holiday!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Yeh! Everybody got sick!

Ok, I know that sounds like a really stranged title, however, when you have as many people living in your house as I do, I am so glad when everybody has finally caught the virus because I can stop being scared of every little burp, cry or quick run to the bathroom. I become a nerotic crazy woman waiting and wondering who will be the next victim and after awhile can't stand the tension...so as much as it sucked that everybody was sick all within the same 12 hours...it was also a blessing...get and get it done with!

Today was Wednesday morning coffee and I was so thankful to be there. I drank coffee had two pieces of cake and was just really really glad to be out of the house! Thanks Carol!

Doug and I are going downtown this weekend for a overnight...sounds glamorous but really it's for the hospital. I think it will be fun to spend some quiet time just by myself window shopping and we plan to go to the art museum on Saturday afternoon which will be a blast.

Well, I need to go get the kid's pj's on and put them to bed. Jed is complaining that he can't get his "turtle top" off...it's to hard...that's Jed speak for turtle neck.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Spoke too soon

Jed started at 10:00, while I was holding his head over the toilet I started, Emily started at 8:00am and Christian had to get picked up from school at 8:30...thankfully Doug has this week off for "vacation"...some vacation! Please pray he makes it through today...he has a lot on his plate and a lot to clean off the floors, beds, toliets etc... What's that song in Annie I love so much, "The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun!"

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Back on two feet... cross your fingers!

First, I want to thank all of you for your encouragement and sympathy…it helps to know that other girlfriends know what I’m going through. I have to say, the blog is great when you are stuck in the house…I may not have been able to go out with girlfriends but to talk about it on the blog helps a ton!

Friday was a LONG day to say the least. After blogging, I called my mom and just started balling! It was feeling completely selfish and immature and my mom knew just what to say…until she didn’t and started telling me about this guy who is in a wheelchair for life and has a much worse life than mine…sorry mom, it was “all about me” time don’t need or want to hear about others problems…hanging up now! I told you, selfish and immature….

Well, Saturday Wesley popped right back…totally amazing! Doug is a little slower to the draw but we had to sing and play on Saturday evening so…take some Immodium and let’s go, the show MUST go on! We had greasy sandwiches for dinner, per Doug’s request and against my better judgement, so needless to say he wasn’t feeling so grand this morning…but again, the show must go on. Three service weekends can be such a killer for us…but at least I got to get out of the house!

Sickness over…we are no longer doing sick here!

Friday, October 20, 2006

I wanna cry!

Actually,I am crying...have you ever felt like all you do is play nurse maid to sick people all day long...like it will never get better...like you just want to go away and never come back? Doug is sick again, this time with the flu, the yucky kind. I took the kids out for lunch today because they have Thurs & Fri off for teacher convention. On the way home, Wesley puked in his car seat. Poor guy, looked so scared, I don't think he's ever really puked before. So, before I could even take him out of the car seat, I had to clean him up, yuk! Jed is crying in the back seat the whole time cause his shoes might get puke on them...whatever! Christian & Emily are holding a garbage bag open for me to launch used paper towels into...the whole time holding their noses and squirming. I finally get Wes out of the car seat, strip him down naked in the garage and get him upstairs, dress him and put him down for a nap. Now I have to go back to the car and try and get that f*@#ing car seat apart to clean it...ya right. I really just wanted to throw it away! I still might cause I don't know if I will ever get it back together! Seriously, other people must have this problem, why don't they make getting the cover off a car seat easier? So here I sit, feeling really really depressed cause I'm stuck at home yet another day with more sickness... Sometimes I hate being the mommy, the wife, the nurse. I now understand the commercial "Calgon, take me away!"

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Do you ever sit in front of your blog and type and backspace and type and backspace wondering what in th world you should blog about? Everytime I look at my blog and see yet again the same post that has been up there for 7 days...I feel an obligation to change it and yet...I've got nothing..

Woke up at 7:03...yippy skippy flapper doodles I got to sleep longer than the sun!

7:04 rescued a screaming two year old from his crib

7:05 made coffee

7:06 did dishes

7:09 welcomed child #3 & #2 back from the land of nod

7:10 started baking a coffee cake...baking on Saturday mornings makes me happy

7:11 welcomed child #1 back from the land of nod...

7:15 opened a yogurt for #2
7:15 1/2 started cleaning up yogurt off the floor and chairs swearing he would never get another cup of yogurt again!

7:20 with cup of coffee in hand thought this is the best Saturday morning ever...no one is sick...no one is in the hospital...no one is fighting.........

7:21 they started fighting!

Oh that didn't last long!

7:22 someone told me the diaper stinks...

7:23 started to try to blog...I know you think I should be changing the diaper but I've heard somewhere I can let that sit a while! sorry for nothing really funny or exciting...but it is a new post so I think I should get points for that!

Have a good Saturday!