Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Watching laptop...sick kids...etc

I'm watching the movie Annie with my daughter. I know every word of every song...every harmony...and I confess that I tear up at just about every scene. I LOVE this movie and the idea of watching it with Emily...well it's just too good.

The only thing I don't like about this movie is trying to explain Ms. Hannigan, and Carol Burnet really goes over the top in this role. When I saw the broadway version Ms. Hannigan was just strange...but not a falling over drunk.

Something else that is too good is the fact that I can watch TV and blog in my living room all at the same time on my new laptop! It took me all day to set up the $@!*^ing router...but after I returned the first one and bought a more expensive worked! Yeh!

So this is a perfect ending to a very frustrating day. Wesley is still sick, Doug is still sick. The computer wasn't working and it seemed that every other minute someone was crying or arguing or asking for something to eat. Do you ever find yourself ingrossed in a project and just wish that the kids would leave you alone so that you could think? I tend turn in MT. Momma at those times. A big thank you to Carol who drove all the way out her just to have a cup of coffee with me and keep me from falling off the edge...Thank you!

Well, look for me to post more often now...because I have no excuses. This is too fun!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my - you just described my life:) Totally engrossed in something and other people bothering me while I'm trying to get it done - not a good combination.

And ANNIE???? I bought that for my girls last Christmas (they were too young for it, but I certainly wasn't). I LOVE watching it with them - every song, every scene. Love it!! And I especially love hearing them sing, "the sun'll come out tomorrow. bet your dollar bottom that tomorrow". Love it!