Saturday, October 06, 2007

Mom's William Tell Overture

I've watched this 4 times this morning and by the end I'm crying and laughing so gets me every time!


Carol said...

you beat me to it! I was thinking of putting this up on my blog to share the humor with all our friends out there. This woman thought of it all, I think!

amanda said...

Don't you love her? I put this up on my blog last week and still laugh after watching it ab least 20 times. Did you know she's a Christian comedienne? I'd love to see her sometime. Her name's Anita Renfroe.

Heaven Sent said...

I love her. I've seen her a few times in person, more recently at this year's Women of Faith concert. She is a hot. And can you believe she is a pastor's wife?! I would love to be one of her girlfriends!

Kris said...

This is perfect--and so true!
Thanks for the laugh.

Christine, I tried emailing you twice and haven't heard back. Did you get my notes?

Maybe try me