Friday, June 06, 2008


It's summer! Finally, the warm weather is here...although it's too windy to go outside right now. The kids are home & Doug is at work. We are all figuring out how to live with eachother 24/7's always a time of adjustment not to mention that the kids are just plain tired from going to bed late. Not too much new here...kind of brewing a post in my head...check back in a few days to see if it came out.


Melissa :) said...

Summer is here too. 101 was the heat index the other day. Not a good sign being only the first of June. It's going to be a tough summer. :(

It's WINDY here too! Do you live in TX & you're not telling me? I think our house is going to blow away! :)

Glad you guys are good! :)

one hot momma said...

tornado sirens...wind, wind and more wind, and more tornado sirens and running for cover from a baseball game! I guess this is spring in Illinois! Can't wait to read your post!

Carol said...

I guess I missed all the excitement of the tornado sirens!

Carol said...

Hi! I'm home! Can I come over to swim / talk / drink / laugh ?