Monday, January 26, 2009

Words on the Wall

I think that's what Jana calls it?

Wesley: "Mom, I want to go to Disney tomorrow."
Me: "We aren't going until it's warm out honey."
Wesley: "You need to ask God to make it warm."
Me: "It doesn't work like that honey."
Wesley: "Yes, it does can talk to God in your head...just ask him to make it warm outside tomorrow...that's all."


Carol said...

You're so right, Wesley! It really is that simple! Now comes the learning that God answers prayer in His time, not ours.

one hot momma said...

that's the lesson that is so hard to learn, but Wes, could you please keep asking for the warmth??? I just love that boy!

one hot momma said...

it's been almost a month...are you better yet???? I miss your writing...and you...

one hot momma said...

hello?????I'm checking!