Saturday, July 15, 2006

There's More Than Corn in Indiana

So we are off for a few days to good old Indiana Beach! This is our first camping adventure with all four kids...although we are not tenting it so Carol says "What ya complaining about?"

Packing for four kids, two adults, one dog and one stow-away niece is not all that much fun. So what am I doing right now...stalling on my blog. What else?

It's funny the things that come up when you are packing for the family.

1. Emily's clothes must match! And she must have a few options. plus the right underwear, the right pj's and a few changes of shoes!
2. I really only own 2 pairs of after packing Miss Emily's clothes my clothes look pathetic.
3. I have two sons that are not in diapers. One, compulsivly changes his underwear, one never changes his do you pack for that?
4. Doug only owns 2 pairs of shorts...something is wrong here!
5. How are we going to fit 4 kids, one dog, one stow away neice, our clothes, ourselves and a cooler in a Dodge Caravan...we need a bigger vehicle.

So goodbye for now...we'll be back soon. I can only handle a few days away with a 20 month-old.

The pool is open for any and all who want to use it...just don't pee in it! There are snacks in the pantry and beer in the outside fridge! Have a blast and be sure to take pictures.

We will miss you...both of us...we are kind of addicted to this blog thing and don't have a laptop.

See ya!

Christine & Doug


Jen said...

I can't resist~it's underwear.

Sorry. Smack me now.

Wave as you drive down 65.

Carol said...

And I'm addicted to your being there to blog with, talk on the phone with, and go over to your house to laugh with you! I guess I'll survive while I keep your pool active and make sure that it gets stirred up once in awhile and I'll be moving in your house. Which bedrooms should the kids use? I'm thinking T.J. in Christian's, Josh in Emily's canopy bed, and David in Jed's. Or maybe I'll switch David and T.J. Heck, I'll just let them pick. I'll miss you!! Have fun! Love ya!

Mommy Brain said...

thanks jen, now I feel like I'm standing in my underware...or is it underwear?

Jen said...

sorry. . .have fun!

kkoois said...

hope you are having a great time! i love indiana beach - i went there for prom weekend my junior year!
"Indian Beach on beautifal Lake Shafer. Proving once again there IS more than corn in Indiana!"

is that true, jen?

Carol said...

Hey, when R U coming home? I miss you! Oh...if jerk-neighbor complains about a naked woman swimming in your pool...uh yeah, that was me skinny dipping yesterday evening! See ya soon!

JD said...

So I've been wondering why you have this picture of a crow on your blog. Could not figure out why in the world you would put that there... then while I was running on the treadmill this morning I saw a commercial (twice in 25:00) for IB - and yup, the crow was on it. "A HA", said I, "THAT is why there is a crow on Christine's blog. The world makes a whole lot more sense now."

Hope you're having fun. Did you see the Colts cheerleaders or is that NEXT this wednesday?

Anonymous said...

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