Sunday, November 05, 2006

Da Bears LOST!

I apologize to all you Bears fans...Doug was personally responsible for the loss this afternoon. Doug was invited to spend the afternoon in a skybox at Soldier field for da Bears game and I'm afraid that it was his presence that must have put Rex into shock, had the special teams shaking and made the offense just plain ineffective. Although you wouldn't have know that they had lost by the stories of the skybox that Doug told. It seems that even though things suck on the field things up in the boxes are still quite wonderful. More food than you could possibly eat, more drinks than you could possibly consume and he said something about a raspberry cheesecake for the fourth quarter. So even though da Bears were getting slaghtered on the field the guys up in the skyboxes were still having fun...wish I had been there!


Jen said...

Football is the game with the BIG green field and the little oblong brown ball. And you do not cheer for a home run.

And if Doc Beautiful was the there, WHY did he not fix Berrien for the rest of the game?!?!?!?

Jen said...

Oh yeah, pretty new blog. Fancy.