Monday, November 27, 2006

Test Results

I'm not sure how to link the test results so I'll just list them.

Question #1 What is my middle name?

Question #2 I have been to...
both A & B Correct!

Question #3 Who gave me my first kiss?

Question #4 There's nothing better than...
A beer on the pool deck.

Question #5 What is my favorite color?


Question #6 My dream vacation would be...
A cruise in the Bahamas

Question #7 My favorite TV show this season is...
Grey\'s Anatomy

Question #8 What is my favorite comfort food?

Chicken Pot Pie Correct!

Question #9 What is my favorite flower?
Gerber Daisy
Question #10 If I could I would drive a...

There they are the little secrets of my mind...thanks for playing.


Anonymous said...

oh I want a jag, too!!! And i looooove gerber daisies - i always have a few in my backyard on the patio over the summer. did you watch grey's on thanksgiving - soooo good!

Anonymous said...

I really though you would say "a martini in a bar" -- I know you always enjoyed the beer on the pool deck on our afternoon "coffee" time together this summer, but I thought you loved martinis, or is that cosmos? ohhhhh...i forget. Who is Jason? Is that the guy from Friday the 13th?

Anonymous said...

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