Friday, May 04, 2007

-7.8 lbs

Had my third weigh in last night and I was down another 3lbs! Whoo Hoo! That brings my total to 7.8lbs! So, what am I doing? Celebrating with a beer and chips? Ya, WW has more work to do on my thinking process, I know. If you volunteer to tell the group your weight loss so they will all clap for you(my personal favorite part of the meeting) then the leader asks you what you did and how you did it? My secret...I lost last week to Laura and it really pissed me off. See, I'm a competitive type and although I really wanted to be happy for her(and somewhere deep in my heart I was, I think) it pissed me off more than anything. I heard my wimpy .6 loss and compared it to her impressive 2lb loss and thought "Game On Sister!" So although I told the leader my secret was snacking all day and journaling I know that the real reason I was able to log a 3lb loss was because I couldn't stand the thought of losing...I think that makes me a loser!

Well, happy Friday to all of you...bottoms up!


mcewen said...

There not really failings as long as you acknowledge them, which you are gracious enough to do.

Carol said...

Hey, .6 pounds rounded to the nearest whole number is 1 -- so that was a valid celebration! This week, a definite celebration! Way to go, sister! And bottoms up (cuter, smaller, more slender bottoms!) to you, too! Proud of you ... (and pround of Laura, too!)

Jen said...

I was the EXACT same way! I would try and see how much whoever had the misfortune of sitting next to me lost and try to beat them. I remember my leader saying, "This is not a competition." And I said much louder than I meant to, "Um, yeah it is!" I 'fessed up at that meeting that I wanted to "win" every week and that was my biggest motivation. I also did a monk-like chant of "I am stronger than the brownie" 30 times a day.

Yeah for almost 8 pounds! And beer and chips on Friday are half points.

one hot momma said...

Yeah, I know I'm late commenting here, but who was at .6 this week? And who kept prodding me to claim it to the I did and when she asked me what I had done to lose, I said I had no idea at all because I really ate way too much last week! So, I'm sitting there with my measly .6 and you've now lost more than me by 2.6 pounds and I'm thinking, GAME ON SISTER! Today I read your blog and see what you were really thinking! Too Funny! I think you'll win this week though because right now you're sicker than a dog...take care sweetie and please get better the way, things are fine here, just fine! Yeah, just fine...check out my blog if you don't believe me!

Heaven Sent said...

I would be the same way. Competition is the best motivator. Whatever works!

And feel better soon!