Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Have you heard of Lala?

I was reading through the Trib on Sunday and there was this great article about the new face of the music industry. It found it interesting that CD sales still account for almost 95% of sales...I thought digital sales would be so much higher. Although there is something so satisfying about having actual album art work to hold isn't there. I bought a Little Big Town CD digitally and it just wasn't as much fun...although I'm terribly sick of all the CD cases lying around my house...they take up so much room and seem to collect dust more than anything. Ok, so on to the reason why I'm posting. There is this website called Lala.com where you can trade the CD's you no longer want for CD's you do, and it only cost $1! I recently bought a CD that had parental warning on it(I am so innocent I didn't even think to look!)...well needless to say I can't listen to it in the car, which is the only place I have a chance to listen to music, which stinks cause I really like the CD, anyway, I listed it on lala.com and have agreed to trade it and in return I get to choose a CD that I want...sort of like Netflicks-you make a list of what you want and then wait for them to show up in the mail. It has been a good way for me to catalog what I own, which is meager and see if I can get anything new. If you're interested, please let me send you a email invite, cause I get a cool T-shirt for each friend who activates a membership... Check it out...I think it's a great website and an inventive way to use the internet.


Jen said...

So that was you who sent me a email from there. I do have lots of CDs. I am a big itunes gal. Most CDs I want seem to have 2-3 good songs and the rest are not so much good. So I just buy the ones I want and burn CDs for in the van. I also love I can get all kinds of weird ones. We've got everything from Kanye West (which you can get the "clean" versions of) to the old trucker classic "Convoy"

one hot momma said...

I posted!