Monday, June 18, 2007

Busy, Busy Summer!

Christian had a fantastic time at camp. He came home hardly able to hold his head up carrying a bag full of wet, sweaty and filthy clothes. While he was gone Jed and Emily took swimming lessons at Lincoln-Way. They did great; both completing the levels they were in. Jed has become an underwater maniac but thankfully he still will wear his arm floats in our pool. Wesley was quite ticked off that he couldn't take lessons and only had to watch. It stinks being two!

We've been entertaining like crazy, almost from the day the kids got out of school. Lampens have been here, Deckers, Ettemas, Jacobsens, Krygshelds, my parents, Doug's parents and we had a birthday party for my niece last night with Dan and Becky.

Laura and I also had a garage sale on Saturday. I always think it will be a great idea, love the idea of extra cash and then when faced with the clean up wonder what the heck I was thinking!

This week we clean the house and start getting ready for vacation. I'm so looking forward to getting away...I'm getting so excited! Sorry I haven't posted much, too crazy here. I think once a week will be my average this summer. Have a great week!


Carol said...

So far, every week we have had something to do... Wisconsin, Basketball Camp, Hoops for Hunger, Football Camp. I think I need a vacation! Oh yeah, less than 24 hours away! YEA!!!!!!

Heaven Sent said...

Wow, that is a lot going on. I so wish I had your energy!