Sunday, June 24, 2007

Oh, the drama!

We are finally in Daytona Beach...thank goodness! As we were heading down 294 I asked myself, "I wonder what kind of drama will unfold or what terrible things will happen this vacation. Because no vacation goes off without a hitch and usually the best memories happen through adversary...and I remember thinking...too bad for Deckers or Ettemas, because nothing ever happens to us!" Ha! I think that was the Lord preparing me to get a lesson on humility, trust and perseverance.

We started out the trip well, only 20 minutes late. trafficnto a little trafic near Torrence but nothing bad. Somewhere around Crown Point Christian yells from the back seat, "I think Wesley just threw up or something!" I look to the very back seat and sure enough he's puking in his car seat in my new van! Thank goodness I brougtowelsll of paper wasn't too bad but it was all over his Na-ne and other blankets. Once he pukes, he seems fine...we stop for breakfast at a Crackhunderdell another hunderd miles down the road and everything is ok. We get back into the car and somewhere near Mamouth Cave National Park, he starts puking again! We pull over in the 100degree weather start cleaning up and I notice that the heat is on full blast in the back seat...and now I'm ticked at Christian because he has control of the temp...and of course Wes is getting car sick, who wouldn't with this blasted heat back here...!!!! < /DIV>

So off we go again, we pull into Georgia, making great time. I'm driving to give Doug a break. Most of the time I'm in the lead but once in awhile I'll let the guys take the lead to be nice. Well, Bob and Dave are in front of me and I get stuck behind a slow truck. Once I can finally pass him I notice that they are about 1/2 to a mile in front of me. I decide to take my cruise off and catch up to them, come over a hill and look a Georgia state trooper straight in the eyes...totally busted! And it ticks me off too, because I had just taken the cruise off and was only trying to catch up.

Well, my nerves are shot because if I'm not driving, I'm constantly checking to see if Wesley is going to throw up again and yelling at Christian because he keeps complaining that he is cold and turning the heat up. We finally get into the hotel parking lot and look back at Christian and he is bawling his head off, he has a headache, he doesn't feel good...could this day get any better? We get him up to the room and take his temp(for some odd reason I took my thermometer?!) and would you believe it reads 102.3!!!!! It's about then that I start to cry...and cry and cry...

Today has been much better and Christian is starting to turn around. We changed Wesley to the front captin's chair and he hasn't thrown up since. Yeh! Daytona is beautiful, I can see the ocean from my patio!

Hope you have a great Monday and hope we do too!

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Jen said...

Nothing ever happens to you?!?!? Do you not recall Jed's Flaming A$$ Disease on the way home from HHI?!?!?!

Glad to hear it's a typical Bierma vacation. :-)