Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Emily!

My little drama queen is 8 years old today! She's a little freaked out that it's Friday the 13th but still very happy about the birthday. We had to reschedule her party(boo hoo) because all her friends are out of town, but came up with the cool idea of hosting a High School Musical 2 premere birthday cool is that?

Emily is my little one who is bound to be on stage. She is always looking for the spotlight...has even asked if we could move to California because she's sure that if we do, she will be given her own TV show. Her whole life right now is about striking a pose or making up a new dance routine.

It's a true pleasure to see her mature into a young lady; to watch her personality grow, to see her heart grow and to listen to her express her own ideas(even if one story can last for 20-30 minutes)

So happy birthday Em...I'm so glad we have each other!

Love ya!


Jen said...

Happy Birthday Emily! I remember when you were born and your mom was SO shocked to have a little girl. And boy did you give her a run for her money!

You are growing up so quick~and are a true performer!

Aunt Jen

i am not said...

Happy Birthday Emily! Hope your birthday party is as fun as it sounds:)

Becky said...

Hi Emily! Happy birthday!!! I love the High School Musical 2 birthday party idea! That will be so much fun!! Hope it's a great time! I'm so glad I got to celebrate your birthday with you before we left...

You are becoming a wonderful young lady!

Auntie Becky

Carol said...

Happy Birthday, Em! Love, love, love those pictures of you! Hope you had a great day shopping with Mom, and the HSM2 premier party for your birthday sounds totally you!!!!

Auntie Laura said...

Hi Em,
Happy Birthday again! I'm so excited for you to have your birthday party on August 17th! I know you had a great day with your Mom today! You're such a beautiful young lady and I'm so proud to know you! Just think, now your birthday gets to last for a whole month and 4 days!
Love you honey!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Emily! :) You're mom is the coolest for having a HSM2 preview party!!! :)

Melissa :) said...

How cute is she!?! Happy Birthday Emily! :)

Aimee said...

I read this post a couple of days ago, and I immediately thought of you while I was at Wal-Mart this morning. I saw tons of cute High School Musical Birthday party decorations/favors. They also have some pretty cute HSM clothes for girls too! Just thought I'd let you know!!Have a great party!!