Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Photo Log

My four babies...they are growing up so fast!
Wesely loved the beach...he loved the water...he never looks at the camera...he never slows down!

Jed the original "Shark Boy"
They tried in vain to fill up a hole with water...but it was fun to watch them try!

These are the pictures I took on our vacation... I have so many of my three youngest and hardly any of my oldest. I was feeling bad about that but then realized he was never close enough to me to actually get him on "film" He was always out adventure seeking...I guess that's good????


Carol said...

oh what fun! I love beach pictures! Love 'em! (as long as my fat bum isn't in them!)

Heaven Sent said...

Love the buzz cuts! And yes, it is good your oldest was out seeking adventure! Something tells me he's at that age where he's not really excited about photos anyway!