Sunday, August 12, 2007

Which is sweeter?

I love summer! I love hot weather, the pool, relaxing for hours, spending time with friends, sleeping in, corn on the cob, popscicles and fireworks. BUT there is always a moment in time when in the blink of an eye I NEED summer to end. At that point I start dreaming of cooler temps, quiet time, clean floors, schedules, bedtimes and camp fires. So my question to you all is which is sweeter...the beginning of June or the end of August?


Jen said...

Both. I love fall. I love the moderate temps and the schedules. Not so much looking forward to 4 months of winter but I am looking forward to summer's end.

Carol said...

I agree with Jen ... both! Isn't it great - the change of the seasons. Just when we're getting sick of one climate, God changes it for us! So summer is so sweet upon our lips in May and June, but yet autumn is so sweet now at the end of August after a hot summer.

mcewen said...

Lummy! I'd trade you! Sounds soooo relaxing.
Yours the headless chicken [trailing a few feathers]

Heaven Sent said...

Today Emma and I went to the park and it was cooler than usual... I got so excited for fall. God is cool like that. He knows just when we need a change of pace.

Of course, it'll only be a few weeks into October when I'll be dreaming of summer days by the pool again!