Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Hannah Montana Saga

Emily, my baby girl, and I have been battling to get tickets to the hottest show in town, Hannah Montana. We joined her website in the summer to the tune of $34.95 with the promise that if HM ever came to town I would take her to the concert. When her tour was announced we received a pre-sale code because we were members of the site. The email said that those of us who were members would get first crack at the tickets. Well, Emily and I were so excited...she wanted to stay home the day of the sale but I wouldn't let her. When I logged in about 30 minutes after the sale opened I found that there were no pre-sale tickets left! I couldn't believe it, it just didn't seem right. But not to worry, I received this nice note that said if I didn't get pre-sale tickets, there would be another sale of general tickets in 3 days. So, Emily and I bravely waited, watched the clock the day of the sale and at the tick of 10am we logged in and searched for tickets, at 10:01 there were none. Em cried, I was at such a loss...when we searched ticket broker sights they seemed to have more than enough to sell me starting at $300 a pop.

Fast forward 2 weeks... Emily's best friend calls with the most exciting news, her dad got her a ticket for the concert! My baby girl sat on the phone silently weeping while she tried to be happy for her friend. It broke our hearts! She must have cried for an hour...wanting to be happy, but still saying over and over, "It's not fair!" But she picked herself up and said to me, "It's ok mom, I understand. Maybe she can buy me a T-shirt."

She's mature, so brave, so gracious. She is amazing!

I on the other hand was so outraged at the injustice of the "presale" bologna that I joined a class action lawsuit against the concert promoters. I don't think it's right that they promise club members presale tickets only to find out that the ticket scalpers got theirs fist and had more than we did. Suing HM was an easy choice...I'm taking Billy Ray to the bank!

So, here's the great part of the story.

Yesterday, my girlfriend Tina calls. When I answer the phone she's talking to herself, "Oh, my goodness, oh, my goodness."
I'm like, "What's wrong?"
Tina, "I'm still trying to digest this...Ok, Randy works with a guy who has 4 tickets to the HM concert and he wants to sell them to us at FACE VALUE!"
Me, "Oh, my goodness, oh, my goodness!" LMAO! Jumping up and down! "Shut Up!"
Tina, "No, really. They have four tickets, his wife works for Disney and just got better tickets so now he wants to get rid of the ones he has!"
Me, "Shut Up!"

Emily screamed and almost fainted when we told her last night, it was awesome! We gave her a gift bag and told her it was an early Christmas present. When she pulled out the card that said, "Two tickets to the HM concert this Saturday!" She looked at me and then Doug this for real? She danced around the house for 10 minutes. Half and hour after I put her to bed she came down crying..."Mom, we have to skip Grandma's party to go to the concert....I don't want her to be sad." She has a heart of gold, don't you think?

I'm hoping it's one of those memories we talk about when she's my age. She's been walking on cloud nine ever since...I can't wait to see her cry when we actually get there. I'll try to take pictures and post them this weekend!


Becky said...

Oh Christine! That is so awesome! I was almost crying when I read it... am I a sap or what? I am so excited for Emily! I know how badly she wanted to go to that concert! I wish I could have seen her face when you gave her those tickets! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!

Heaven Sent said...

What a story... and I love the ending! You have one great little lady there. Have a great time at the concert!!!

amanda said...

Woo hoo! HM was just in GR last night, and I saw lots of kids at the school with Tshirts today! Have a great time!

one hot momma said...

I've lived this with you and am crying for Emily all over again! I'm so proud of the wonderful, grown up way she handled herself. I'm looking at this as God shining down on her!

Carol said...

She is so full of grace and mercy! Hope you have a blast, Em! I screamed, too, when your mom told me Auntie Tina called! VERY COOL!

Jen said...

Yeah Em!!! Umm. . .let's not tell Caro this bit of news. She wanted Tim to dress up like HM at the Duncan Donuts to win tix.

Have fun!!

Becky said...

OK, it's time for the update... how was the concert? Did Emily just love it?

rita said...

Oh sweetie, I am with you! For the last month my daughter and I have been scheming to get my 8-year-old granddaughter to her first real concert, and A is a huge HM fan. We've been appalled by the prices that scalpers are charging, and it's always been my policy not to pay a scalper a dime for anything.

Saturday morning HM tickets went on sale for a number of shows, including Orlando where my babies live. Ebay was already selling tickets at exhorbitant prices. One guy was even selling the presale fan club code for--$850!!! The code!!! No guarantee that tickets could actually be bought!

Anyway, I fired up my trusty 2.5-year-old laptop, prayed that the wireless would work, and logged into Ticketmaster. I tried for 35 minutes. After 5 minutes I was pretty sure that they were all sold out, but I'm stubborn (and obsessive-compulsive, just a bit) and finally two tickets popped up. I grabbed them--$42.50 each, plus the $11 service charge. I am still so excited. A didn't believe I'd gotten them, but she immediately went to her closet to pick out what she'll wear that night.

I wish I could go, too, but I've used up my comp time and can't go.

Anyway, I'm so proud of your little girl's maturity, and so glad that you were able to get tickets at face value! What a gift, right at Christmas time!

I'm still walking on air, being able to give my little A the experience of a lifetime, and I know you are, too!

Beauty For Ashes said...

I cried when I read this thats so awesome! I'm so happy she got to go! :)