Thursday, December 13, 2007

Update on my life

Hannah Montana was awesome, Emily loved it. And I loved watching Emily!

Emily is the lead role in the Christmas play this Friday, so we have been stressing over learning lines and going to practice three nights this week.

Doug and I are in the adult Christmas program this weekend. Doug is singing and I am directing so we have been busy at those rehearsals.

The two of us are in a Christmas comedy that will run on Christmas eve eve and on Christmas eve. It is a 30 minute play called "Christmas Rewind" So we have been at many rehearsals as well.

I won a Christmas gift on Ebay(I will not tell you what it was because my kids read my blog) and was shipped a box filled with copy paper instead. It seems that someone at UPS will be giving this awesome gift to their family instead of me...and we(the seller and I) are involved in a case with UPS. I just want my money back.

The kids are home so I have to go.

Oh, and best news yet, Wesley is officially potty trained...poop and all!


Melissa :) said...

Copy paper? Gasp! :(

Kris said...

Goodness, do you have time to breathe in the middle of everything?
Peace and joy to you during this time.

Becky said...

I'm so glad that Emily enjoyed her concert! When is her Christmas play... or did it happen already? Are you videotaping it??? And... Way to go Wesley! Took you long enough, but I'm proud of you, Little Man!

one hot momma said...

Thanks for tonight my friend! We need to do dinner with the girls more often! Love you!

Carol said...

Maybe if you mention the name "Sheila" to the seller and/or the UPS people, you will get your money back promptly and get a 25% off of your next purchase! =]