Friday, August 29, 2008

Quiet Please!

Yesterday was the kid's first full day of school...and Wesley was ready to pick up the kids by 11am. We must have had a hundred conversations that went like this:

Wes: Can we go pick up the kids?
Me: No, they aren't done yet.
Wes: Yes they are.
Me: No, they are not.
Wes: Yes they are.
Me: No the bus is not there yet, we have to wait until this afternoon.
Wes: Is it afternoon yet?

And on and on it went...for hours and hours and hours.

I left a half hour early for the bus stop just because I couldn't take one more argument...he fell asleep on the way....THANK GOD! A few minutes of peace and then the bus arrived.

8am Today--he's learned to ride a two-wheeler
8:15 He rode his scooter
8:17 Asked for a snack
8:20 Asked again
8:30 Played with cars outside
8:31 Sprinklers came on and scared the cr*! out of he's back in the house....TALKING TO ME about what he wants for Christmas and asking why he can't go to school?? Help Me!


kkoois said...

sounds like we should get him and elise together and lock 'em in a room. then they can talk each other's ears off and we can go for coffee!

Mommy Brain said...

Sounds wonderful Kim! They won't even know we are gone...ha ha!

Jen said...

Send him to preschool! Oh yeah. . .they canceled that. :-)

Carol said...