Sunday, February 25, 2007

Doug in Chicago

Doug is taking a Autism course this week in Chicago. One of the highlights of taking this course is that Easter Seals, the organization he is training for, is setting him up in a hotel downtown for three nights. Very seldom does Doug get away from home and family w/o me or the kids so this has been a much anticipated trip.

He just called me to tell me about his hotel and the surrounding neighborhood. He said that he left the hotel to take a walk around the neighborhood, find the hospital where his course is being held and a place to eat. As he was walking around he noticed many small bars that were packed, as he looked closer he was shocked by what he saw...very tall men dressed in drag...the more he started to pay attention to his surroundings he noticed many gay men, all with small "froofy" dogs. In each window he now starts to notice rainbow falic symbols in every window and rainbow flags on every lamp post. He even passed the headquarters for the Chicago Gay Men's Choir...who knew???
Apparently, Oscar night is a huge event in gay Chicago...everyone is out celebrating it...even Doug! Needless to say he "ran" back to his hotel...dodging gay couples everywhere. He decided to start talking to himself as he walked back to his hotel...because he was quite sure he needed to act like a crazy person otherwise he would definitely be mistaken for a gay man in his cute new brown Sketchers and trendy jeans! On the way back to the hotel he passed the Briar Street theater where Blue Man Group performs. As he was passing the theater the show was letting out. He was in the middle of the sidewalk when a Iowa looking corn fed couple walked widely around him, very obviously avoiding him and not meeting his eyes..."I'm not one of them, I'm straight!" = ) (I just need to take a minute to laugh here...ok...I'm back)

What a great time away from home! As he left this afternoon I told him to stay away from the cute PT's that were attending the conference with him...but as I said "good-night" I thought it would be better for me to warn him away from the cute men.


mcewen said...

A course and a hotel and downtown - pity you couldn't have found a babysitter and made a mini holiday of it.
Best wishes

Carol said...

LMAO!!! Poor Doug! That reminds me of "gay pride" week in the Magic Kingdom. LMAO again!

Jen said...

Very much enjoying the mental image of DOug in Boystown. hee hee

And gay choir~~didn't you see the "Will and Grace" where Matt Damon pretended to be gay to beat out Jack for the choir spot?!

one hot momma said...

Gay Pride week in FLA!!! I wish I could have been a fly on Doug's shoulder! Oh to have seen him talking to himself and dodging the boys...Oh, and Christine, what is it with you and calls about Gay people?!?

Tim said...

I am not going to go downtown to support Doug marching!!!!!!!!!!