Monday, March 26, 2007

Buzz cuts are the perfect way to celebrate Spring Break!

Yesterday the weather was so beautiful. Christian has been bugging me to get his hair cut because it was so long and he HATES his curls. So we set the stool up on the patio and opened a barber shop. First Christian, then Owen(One Hot Momma's 2nd), who BTW has the thickest hair I've ever encountered! Then Jed and finally Wesley. Christian kept saying, "It looks like we shot a bunny with a bazooka!"(that's a 10 year-olds way of saying the back yard was full of hair. It was truly a funny sight and now all my boys are bald! I love when they get their summer hair cuts they all look so huggable to me, plus who can resist rubbing their hands on their fuzzy little heads!

Of course, Em didn't get in on the hair cut action but to be fair she supervised the whole event. Today is the first day of spring break so we are all enjoying staying in our PJ's and watching large amounts of TV this morning.

Happy Spring to all!


Carol said...

I love the way the tops of their heads feel when they get those buzz cuts! Em - I'm glad you didn't "go there"! Why don't Christian and David realize that the chicks LOVE those curls?!

Jen said...

Now that's one happy Christian! He looks absolutely thrilled that his mom is taking his picture.

Jen said...

I did my hair today too. I'm a brunette.

Heaven Sent said...

Definitely huggable, although I agree with Carol... curls will melt any girls heart! Enjoy your spring break!

mcewen said...

If I took a buzzing thing to the top of my son's head, he'd put himself up for adoption, but only after he'd phoned the Child Protection League first.!

one hot momma said...

Owen was quite proud that he had Uncle Doug do his hair! I must say that Doug's patience was quite impressive! My boy does have a thick head of hair! Takes after his momma and daddy! Not just the thick head part either!;)

I do love all of their bald heads!