Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A night away

My girlfriend Tina and I took the kids to CoCo Key West Indoor water park in Arlington Heights Monday night. It is the perfect size water park for a quick overnight, enough stuff to keep them busy for a day but not so big that you can't see it all. I love how these places are set up with zero depth, 2 foot pools and big water slides because it satisfies each one of my gang. This particular park was nice because they had locking gates for each section of the park so I didn't have to worry about any little one going AWOL. If you live in Chicago and need a quick get away that's fun for everyone definately check this place out. However, I wouldn't recommend going in the spring. It is a very old hotel, nice, but old. Around 9:30pm I called the front desk to say the temp in our room was through the roof and see if there was a trick to getting it to cool off. The deskie told me they were on a two pipe basically no matter how cold I turned the air on it simply would not work because the heat had not been turned off yet. Huh! We had a very long and sticky night in the hotel; all the kids sleeping in their underwear. The next day Tina complained during check out. Management apologized and gave us 1/2 off our stay! Being uncomfortable for an evening was completely worth the $100! I love a bargin. Here are a few pictures...yes, we did take Christian with us but he's of the age where he doesn't stick around for pictures and only checks in when he's hungry.


Carol said...

Very fun! We'll be at The Wilderness in the Dells all day tomorrow! I hear I'm going on the hurricane... aaaaagggghhhhh. Glad you had a great night away. Hope Doug didn't mind the surprise phone call! 8-)

Heaven Sent said...

Sounds like a great time. I've heard some commercials for that place. Maybe we'll check out next winter! ;o)