Thursday, April 26, 2007

3 hours in a Costco

What do you get when two thirty-somethin's and two fourty-somthin's who have a total of 14 children, 4 husbands, 5 dogs and unlimited credit visit Costco together for the first time....???? Answer: Four extraordinarily full shopping carts, over 40lbs of meat, 12 perennials, a golf bag, a coffee pot, toaster, and lots and lots of chocolate. Ok, we're all on diets...there was no chocolate. The funniest part of the whole trip was watching my girlfriend load 2 Costco size TP packages, perennials, a medium size bush/tree, lots and lots of meat, clothes, and a golf bag into her two door Toyota Celica. It was a great sight only second to watching us try to load 6 suitcases into a PT Cruiser. She actually had a crowd of people gathering to watch the event. 3 hours in Costco can be a lot of fun!


one hot momma said...

You forgot to add that there was a 3 year old to be loaded in the car too! Where was Carol with the video camera phone today?!!! Oh, and I think that one of those 30 somethings is actually in her 40th year of life already! Nice try tho!

one hot momma said...

It was sooo much fun!

Heaven Sent said...

Costco and Sam's Club trips are always a good time. Jeff and I usually make a night of it and grab a hot dog for dinner. Oh yes, life in the suburbs is so exciting!! :o)

Carol said...

Watch it, E*T*M*! (I didn't know if I should actually type in your last name on the WWW!) I am not yet 40 and I will hold out in the 30 somethings for as long as I can get away with it! I am not even close to the big 4 - oh! yet.
We definitely need to go again! Had very much fun! I have to get my perrenials planted ... oh yeah, and a birch tree.

Kris said...

Was this really your first time in a Costco?? Did you just get one in your area? Costco is a weekly trip for us--the kids love going. I'm just surprised that us Alaskanites are Costco experts before the suburbanites. :) The food court is not too diet-friendly. Does yours have the chocolate and nut covered ice cream bar? Oh my. If not, you'll have to get one next time you're in the Anchorage store. A bit of heaven!

Anonymous said...

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