Saturday, April 14, 2007

My first frightful day

Last week Sunday, Easter, I decided it was time to actually join WW. I was excited, I was pumped, I just needed to wait until the Thursday meeting at 5:30 to join. I talked to Doug about it, insisted that he get on board with my new "great" plan for us to get healthy and skinny. On Monday, I told everyone I knew that I was joining WW...on Tuesday I told the lady at the grocery store, Wednesday checked the website again to make sure I had the time right. On Thursday morning, I told Doug, "We need to decided if we are really gonna do this thing." He said, "I thought it had already been decided?" "Ya, well, now I'm not so sure." I said

The thought of actually stepping on a real scale in front of someone else....YUK! I checked the website 4 or 5 more times throughout the day. Called Laura...that phone call sounded something like, "Hi. Know how I said I was joining WW....well, I need some serious friend courage right now. I'm scared to death. I don't know how I'm gonna walk in there. I'll pay for your first meeting if you go with me. I know I'll be ok after the first meeting, but tonight I don't think I can go alone and Doug definitely won't go with me." After much more begging and whining she relented. Thank you Laura!

The first meeting...see I had heard about WW in New Lenox from a friend at church. She and a bunch of other women from our church had joined and were having great success. The only problem was that of the other women that had joined WW, I'm not on their "oh, I'm so glad to see you list." There are two meetings at New Lenox, one at 5:30 and one at 7:00...I chose the 5:30 meeting because I'm a chicken and didn't want to "run" into anyone. So, as we walk into this meeting and I'm already really nervous because I have to step on a scale in front of someone I look and who do I see? That friend who had originally told me about WW and I break into a cold sweat because now I'm totally freaked out about choosing the wrong meeting. Every single time the door squeaked open my head whipped around to see who was coming in the door. Eventually, Laura had to tell me to calm down. I hate being a grown woman and acting like I'm in Jr. High! I hated Jr. High. Anyway, I guess I need to go to a counselor to solve this problem, because WW won't do it.

Here's another total classic moment from Thursday evening: On our way home I promptly picked up the phone to order a "Super-Mia" pizza with 1/2 pepperoni and sausage and 1/2 garlic, mushroom, and tomato. We start tomorrow I said! At least, I ordered veggie right?

So, yesterday was my first full day. I did good. Mini bagel with honey nut cream cheese for Bkfst. Chicken salad, green salad and English muffin. 3 mint melt aways(ya, that was bad), 2 pts bar, coconut chicken, beans and potato for dinner, glass of wine and small cherry cheese danish for dessert. I was 5 pts over my daily allowance because we had company over and I served food and wine. But the new WW gives you an extra 35 pts to play with during the week. I love this idea because it's like having play money in your wallet!

Today, I started out with a yogurt and looks so pretty because Doug and I were competing to see who could make the best breakfast. Tomorrow will be tough because we are having Easter dinner. But one day at a time right?


Jen said...

You always have to see the cheesiness in a WW meeting. Don't get me wrong, Love WW, but the meetings always cracked me up. They are kinda healthy eating for dummies. I was shocked at what people thought was "healthy" And it was enough to make my smart-a$$ self weep with laughter when some very large person would re-tell in great detail how they "passed up the thrid trip" to the Old Country Buffet. And everyone would applaud and dab their eyes. So brave! It had the intensity of AA about cake and cheeseburgers.

So when sitting there, absorb the humor. And pat yourself on the back for knowing that fish sticks do not equal a serving of fish. And that cheese is not good for you since it has calcium. :-)

one hot momma said...

Yes, I too must applaud you! We sat through one entire meeting. I must admit that I wanted to laugh quite a few times. Especially when they were trying decide the best way not to hurt a friends feelings when offered something too fattening. They all came up with LIES. It was crazy! One lie just got bigger than the next! We could not believe our ears!
Can't wait to see how this weeks meeting turns out! One great thing is that I've got my girlfriend with me and we can elbow each other when it gets too cheezie and we can laugh on our way out at all of the needies there! But, we are going to get skinny!