Saturday, April 28, 2007

Local Celebrities

Today we got a taste of what it is like to be on TV. The Joliet Easter Seals Region had there yearly telethon and Doug was asked to appear on it and talk about the new Autism Clinic that he will be running. The boys and I got to sit in the audience to watch how it's was really quite fun. Doug did a great job, although I think he should have gotten more camera time. When Doug's interview was over we were all in the "green" room doing the meet and greet. At that time, the director pulled Christian aside and asked him to do a bit on camera. It was so much fun watching both of them shine. I think they both had a great time!


Carol said...

Oh, fun! I wish I could have watched it. I was out wolf watching and all!

Carol said...

That Happy Place looks so inviting right now! And the pool cover is off! Did "we" get a heater yet for that pool? It sounds like a business expense to me! ha ha ha ha.

Kris said...

Doug and I need to chat sometime--I work at a clinic that evaluates and provides support for children with autism as well. What's his email? I may have a few questions for him. :)