Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh, fellow women if we could unite we could change the world!

Since I've graduated from college I've worked at many different places. Sometimes the organizations have chosen to pay me other times I've put in hours for free but the one thing that unites all of these experiences is that I've primarily worked with women. The women I've worked with have all been strong, smart, talented, some of them have been driven, crazy or haunted; others have been insecure or sad, unhappy or disappointed. I've learned that together we can care for each other in a way that no one else could, we could hold each other up and help each other get through hard times. I've learned that women together can solve a world of problems, we can make a community wake up and take notice, we can face any obstacle and overcome it with grace.

And when we turn on each other it can get really ugly. I've known a woman who committed crimes to get attention and was forced to leave her small children to serve her sentence, seen a woman leave her family in search of a love she could never find. I've been in friendships that I bared my soul only to have it used against me. I've had to say good-bye to a woman who first taught me how deeply connected friendships can be.

I wonder why we woman search so desperatly for relationship and connection only to feel so insecure in them when we find them. Why do we so vigorously protect ourselves from letting others see the true us? Why do we attack those we love to make ourselves feel important when we know that it will crush others? Why do we doubt the sincerity or commitment of the friends we find.

I believe that there is no one stronger in this world than a woman who is confident. Confident in herself, confident in her relationship with Christ, surrounded by other women to share her life with.

Together we can tear each other apart or together we can change the world. I wish we could learn to trust each other...only God knows what would happen then!

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