Monday, September 24, 2007

Rule #1 You can't go comando in IKEA

Have you ever found yourself confronted by an organization with rules that make no sense and been forced to obey against your will??? Well, that was my morning today...and I didn't go quietly!

We took a day trip to IKEA today and on the way I told Wes all about the great kid room they had there...he was very excited to try out this new "store school." We walk up to the counter and the lady behind it says, "Good morning! Does he have a diaper or pull up on?"

Yes, I answer cheerfully back...he is potty trained, but we have a diaper on him in case he has an accident.

"Well," says the lady behind the counter "If he is wearing a diaper or pull up he is not allowed in the play room. We have strict policy of no diapers -- no pull ups."

I thought this was crazy and proceeded to tell her that. Wouldn't it just make sense that you would want a child to wear a diaper or pull up if they might have an accident...wouldn't you want them to be protect the furniture and toys???

"No," she answers back..."diapers and pull ups are a santiary issue...if he has an accident in the ball pit we would rather just close the ball pit and wash all the toys...he may not be wearing a diaper if you want him to come in." Is this lady on crack?

"FINE! I say, I'll take him into the bathroom, take off his diaper and he can just go comando! I'm really getting ticked now!"

So I go and so just that...bring him back to the counter and there is a new lady there...waiting for me.

"Um, the girl that was hear heard what you were going to do and called our manager....he said that you may not bring him in here the way you were going to...he must be wearing underwear."

To which I answer back..."You mean to tell me that a thin piece of cotton between his bottom and his shorts is the only thing keeping him from entering this kid's room? Is a thin piece of cotton really going to make that big of a difference? Do you really pull open every child's pants to see if they are wearing proper underpants? Really...??This is the craziest thing I've ever heard of...I have underwear in the I have to run all the way back to my car and get them now?"

"Yes mam...if you want to use this room."

"Fine" I said, "I'll just take him shopping with me." So, we start to go up the escaltor when my precious little man says, "Mommy, I want to go in there...I want to go on the slides!"

Ok then I think...don't worry..."I'M GETTING YOU IN!" No one is gonna treat my baby this way!!!

Now I have to run back to the car...have you ever been in IKEA? That place is a total maze...and it's impossible to get anywhere fast. But I do...I run to the car...of course I have no underwear in there...but I do have another pair of he can wear these as boxers...BRILLIANT!

I run back in again, strip him down AGAIN, put two pairs of shorts on the poor guy and march him back yet again to the front desk. Now, I smell blood...if this woman doesn't let my man in I'm gonna tear her eyes out!

"Does he have proper underpants on now?"

"Oh, yes!" I answer "He has underpants on now!" Ha! If she only knew!!

He did get in and she was kind enough to give us an extra 5 minutes on our hour...big whoop!

By the time I actually got into the freakin store I was so irritated... but he did get in...don't mess with the mommy!


Becky said...

Oh, I would have been SO p****d!!! I would have done the same thing! That is the craziest logic I've ever heard... I love IKEA, but geesh!

amanda said...

You handled that with waaaaaaay more grace than I would have. Hope you at least got some good deals! :)

one hot momma said...

so, today, we were at IKEA with a friend and she her name was announced over the storewide intercom to come to the kids room. we heard, "I'm sorry mam, he can't be in here anymore, his pants are wet, he peed on himself and we can't have him in here anymore with we pants" I knew your story and SOOOO wanted to tell the woman behind the counter that they should allow diapers!!!!! Good thing they have great deals there!! Don't mess with you and your men! You go girl!

Carol said...

I wish I would have known this story this morning. I would have put on some depends and walked right into that kids' playroom!

Carol said...

I don't think Laura was wearing any underwear today, either!

Jen said...

Well I guess I can cross "Go to Ikea with no undies on" off my To-Do list. Bummer.

Beauty For Ashes said...

too bad I wasn't there... I would have asked if by chance the old bag had any more underware that was too tight, they would be the perfect size for him, certainly that must be the reason she was such a placid bit** :)nobody likes it when their panties are too tight!

Heaven Sent said...

I'm not sure I would have been as graceful, but good for you. That is about the dumbest rule I have ever heard. Who comes up with this stuff?

melissa :) said...

Hmm. I was thinking of making a visit soon to our Ikea - maybe not. I'd hate being tempted to do bodily harm to folks...

And that dumb rule sounds completely bass-ackwards. Duh. You have a lot of patience!