Saturday, September 15, 2007

Top Ten things I love about Fall

1. Comfy sweatshirts
2. Wearing socks
3. Sleeping with the window open and snuggling under the comforter.
4. Fire's in the fire pit
5. Holding coffee with cold hands
6. Fall decorations
7. The availability of snack size candy bars at every store
8. Football
9. Darkness at 7:30
10. The smell of pumpkin spice candles


kkoois said...

Here, Here!! Bring on Fall! Hopefully the temperatures here will not go above 90 over the next couple weeks...

Carol said...

- Wearing Sweaters
- Watching my son play football
- Apple Cider

Kris said...

You forgot to mention celebrating your birthday!!

one hot momma said...

cadet campouts when all 3 boys are gone for the weekend, which leads me to Mommy and Lainey time!