Monday, January 04, 2010

I'm pissed!

This is not a long thought out blog post...that will come soon I hope. But today I just need to be pissed because I'm again starting a weight loss and exercise program...and my foot is killing me. I've done EVERYTHING to heal this stupid foot and nothing works! I hate that this makes everything so difficult. I hate getting old! I hate that if I lost weight my foot probably wouldn't bother me so much but in order to lose weight I have to exercise...and my foot is "standing" in the way! I'm so pissed! I guess if a 400lb guy can run a marathon, I can do this...but really why does it have to be so frickin hard. So today, I'm so frustrated. I want this healthy body weight and I want to physically be healthy...but my dang foot!


i am not said...

not sure whats wrong with your foot... but if you only knew how much I understand this post! Actually, I went to Dr. Krygsheld and he gave me the okay to run through the pain and told me to take aleve 2x/ day. I could have kissd him, I was so excited!

Kelly said...

I can also relate! I have to deal with cronic hip pain and it keeps me from being able to exercise alot as well.

Hall family said...

I can relate too! Hang in there! I like your blog!- Kelly