Saturday, June 17, 2006

3 Things You Want More Of

Ok, so you know that we are taking a marriage enrichment class at church. The teacher asked us to make a list of 3 things we want more of from our spouse. Doug, being who he is, set up a time last night for us to do our homework and discuss our lists.

I pondered this question all day yesterday. "What 3 things do I want more of from him?" It really was quite hard for me to do, and it made me really examine our relationship. I was most afraid of what he was going to come up with to be totally honest.

We had our talk last night, with no TV, no kids, no internet, no books, no distractions. Just us, a pizza, two buck chuck and a box of Kleenex. (The box of Kleenex made him nervous...)

It was great to have so much face time with him...this hardly ever happens. We get so busy with kids and house work, yard work, bills, TV, the phone, church and everything else that fills our time. It was strangly unnerving to sit in silence with him and just talk. It reminded me of the walks we used to take around TCC's neighborhood when we were dateing.

I'm not going to spill any details...just encourage all of you to try and find some silence with your spouse. I feel like I can see him...again


one hot momma said...

Bob and I used to have couch time everynight, just the two of us face to face...I wonder why we stopped. I mean I know why we stopped, life is busy, but I've never felt so connected to him as when we were in the midst of our "couch time" time. Here's a challenge for all of us, let's get back to it, or start it!

Carol said...

Carrie encouraged me at Wednesday morning get-together to at least do "weekly check-ins" with Dave. I think that lasted for 1 week! So I guess it really became "weakly check-ins"! You're right! What a great challenge! I don't know if I would want to hear the "3 things" Dave would come up with, but in my reading my "Boundaries" book this morning, I read something that would apply here. The author was explaining the difference of hurting vs. harming. "As iron sharpens iron, we need confrontation and truth from others to grow. No one likes to hear negative things about him or herself. But in the long run it may be good for us. The Bible says that if we are wise, we will learn from it. Admonition from a friend, while it can hurt, can also help."

Jen said...

I love that idea. Though I agree that I do not wish to know the answer to that question either! Though I would really want to know the answers to 4, 5, and 6 cuz I know 1 2 and 3 are "more nooky"