Monday, June 12, 2006


So I'm sitting here at my computer trying to figure out this blogging thing while I IM with a college student about the torture of cramming for an exam. And I think to myself "Wow! Am I old!" When did this happen? I still feel like a college student and yet my son is almost as tall as I am! How in the world? I wonder if my 80 something grandma still feels the same way. I bet she does, I mean you look down at yourself and know that things aren't where they used to be and it's harder to get out of bed or say walk across a room but still in general you still feel like the same person. This is the mystery of age to me...I remember telling my dad things like "Remeber your not as young as you used to be!" But now I realize that was an active thought process he had to go through because you don't just instinctively know that your body has not kept up with your mind. Even when your mind goes you don't see it just figure all the others around you are losing it! That's just my Monday to the grocery!


kkoois said...

I know what you mean! I keep forgetting that I have been out of college for years - in my mind, we just graduated and have just gotten married. I HOPE I still feel that way at 80!

JD said...

I'm with you... I feel like I'm 22. Don't know why I'm that age, but I always think of myself as 22... which is, of course, way too young to have 3 children under 5;) AND it is too young to experience all of these dumb physical maladies... herniated disks, aching joints, slow metabolism, etc. I'm 22 for goodness sakes - I should be spry, active and losing weight when I'm not trying:)

Welcome to blogging... was referred to you by BFWW:) (uh, you know her as kim).

Jen said...

Uh. . .BFWW?!?

Jen said...

I was just thinking that the other day. It always hits me in the summer~you hear the summer songs on the radio and I think "I should open my window so I can pick up guys." Uh, yeah. In my MINIVAN! With my 3 daughters! Ugh.

When we were kids our parents listened to the "oldies" which at the time were about 15-20 yrs old. Now my 80's stuff is older than that!!!