Saturday, October 07, 2006


Do you ever sit in front of your blog and type and backspace and type and backspace wondering what in th world you should blog about? Everytime I look at my blog and see yet again the same post that has been up there for 7 days...I feel an obligation to change it and yet...I've got nothing..

Woke up at 7:03...yippy skippy flapper doodles I got to sleep longer than the sun!

7:04 rescued a screaming two year old from his crib

7:05 made coffee

7:06 did dishes

7:09 welcomed child #3 & #2 back from the land of nod

7:10 started baking a coffee cake...baking on Saturday mornings makes me happy

7:11 welcomed child #1 back from the land of nod...

7:15 opened a yogurt for #2
7:15 1/2 started cleaning up yogurt off the floor and chairs swearing he would never get another cup of yogurt again!

7:20 with cup of coffee in hand thought this is the best Saturday morning one is one is in the one is fighting.........

7:21 they started fighting!

Oh that didn't last long!

7:22 someone told me the diaper stinks...

7:23 started to try to blog...I know you think I should be changing the diaper but I've heard somewhere I can let that sit a while! sorry for nothing really funny or exciting...but it is a new post so I think I should get points for that!

Have a good Saturday!


Amanda said...

Awww....I just noticed on your links that I'm now 'A Mom Full of Love'... :) Did you ask my kids if that's true??? :)

Carol said...

points...why not? you get points, ok? but when I want points, you'd better give them to me. I like points. Also, I just wanted to say that I like yogurt.

melissa :) said...

You get up at 7:04 a.m.? Are you c-r-a-z-y..???? :)

Kary said...


Becky said...

Hey! What were you doing up at 4:35AM this morning? That's right... I caught you! :-) I don't know if you can do this with Blogspot, but with Xanga I can see who has viewed my site (and it says what time they were viewing it). Go get some sleep!! :-)

Amanda said...

Hey, it's still got blogger's block or something??? :)