Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Yeh! Everybody got sick!

Ok, I know that sounds like a really stranged title, however, when you have as many people living in your house as I do, I am so glad when everybody has finally caught the virus because I can stop being scared of every little burp, cry or quick run to the bathroom. I become a nerotic crazy woman waiting and wondering who will be the next victim and after awhile can't stand the as much as it sucked that everybody was sick all within the same 12 was also a blessing...get and get it done with!

Today was Wednesday morning coffee and I was so thankful to be there. I drank coffee had two pieces of cake and was just really really glad to be out of the house! Thanks Carol!

Doug and I are going downtown this weekend for a overnight...sounds glamorous but really it's for the hospital. I think it will be fun to spend some quiet time just by myself window shopping and we plan to go to the art museum on Saturday afternoon which will be a blast.

Well, I need to go get the kid's pj's on and put them to bed. Jed is complaining that he can't get his "turtle top"'s to hard...that's Jed speak for turtle neck.



melissa :) said...

Yeah! I'm glad everyone is back up & "running"! :)

Kristen said...

I can totally relate. We just recovered from the cold/flu/ear infection/pink eye bug and all had it at the same time. Happy to be better!
Hey, I was inspired by your blog and changed the format on ours. Check it out!

kristen said...

That's kristen at