Friday, August 04, 2006

The Great Blogging Girlfriends Get-Together

Well, I'm exhausted! Yesterday was the infamous Blogging Girlfriends Get-Together. Sadly, a few key players were missing. Jana's family was still sick and although we missed her we were all glad she stayed away. Kary was just AWOL! She promised to come with her cherubs but then never showed...maybe she got lost in IN somewhere, blank stare. We did meet Kim & Elise! We all agreed that Jen & Kim look sooooo much alike and when they have sunglasses on, well then you just can't tell them apart.

The BIG surprise of the afternoon was that Jen's hubby Tim came along for the ride. He made some excuse about taking a truck to a repair shop in Joliet, however, I think he just didn't want to miss the fun. So, with Tim & Dr. Beautiful there, we had the start of a party! Carrie, NonBlogging Girlfriend, invited her hubby over, Tina, NBG, invited her hubby over, Laura invited her hubby over, Carol invited her hubby over(although we never found him) and we even had a NBG, Laura, stop by for a Margarita. Soon, it was 6:00 and we had four pizzas, beer and 30 people on my patio--on a Thursday! What will my neighbors think?!?!?

The day started out cloudy and rainy but by the afternoon the sun came out and then it got HOT! I think almost all BG and NBG were in the pool at some point. Elise loved the pool as long as she was fully dressed, once Kim put her suite on she wanted nothing to do with the water! Although, new Aunt Steen tried to get her to swim she wanted none of it. Greta took a nice long nap in one of the bedrooms upstairs and when Jen went to go "check in" on her she fell asleep too. Glad you had some time to do that Jen! You deserve it after the week you've had!

So although the Great Bloggging Girlfriends Get-Together wasn't so full of bloggers we still had a great time. And don't worry Jana, Kary, Amanda, Melissa=), Lisa, Becky or any other blogging girlfriends who visit this site, we will do it again! Until next time~ Mommy Brain


Amanda said...

Aaaaggghhh!!! It sounds like so much fun! I'm completely jealous that I missed out on the festivities. Glad you all had a good time, though! Oh, and I think Jana's just scared to show her face...she really doesn't have a secret project to reveal, and she is afraid she'll scare all the little ones with her red hair and accordion. LOL! J/K Jana!

Carol said...

It was fun! Thanks, Christine & Doug, for the fun in the pool and for the MMMMMMMmmmmmm good margaritas. You two are wonderful hosts. It was great to meet Kim & Elise. And I'm glad Tim got to come over. Dave was being the responsible packer and getting things ready for vacation. Hey, we made it here, didn't we? And we're having a great time! Love to you all and I can't wait for the next blogger/non-blogger get together.