Saturday, January 13, 2007

Keep On Keeping On

I'm into day 5 of my new exercise and eating routine. It doesn't sound like much when you write it down on paper, however, this has been a real change from normal. It has taken a lot of my brain and will power this week to stick with this. I seem to constantly ask myself, "Is this a good choice?"

Have you ever had this experience?

I really hope, as I always do, that this will be the time I truly change my bad habits and turn into a fit and healthy 30something. That hope is what keeps me coming back to diet and exercise. I have some friends who seem to think this way automatically, it's just a part of them to make good and healthy choices. (And no, it's not Laura, Jen or Carol...we all struggle the same I know.) So I keep on keeping the hope that this is the time I will get it.


i am not said...

Keep with it!!! Eventually you hope it will just become a habit or just the way your lifestyle is. I know that it takes me about 2 weeks to really get into the diet and exercise routine - for those 2 weeks, though it is a mental struggle to keep doing it. Hopefully, after that you'll like the way you feel so much (sleeping better, fitting into your clothes better, just a general all around better feeling) that you won't question whether or not you want to stick with it or if it is a good choice - you'll do it because you just feel better.

Keep going!! You're doing great!

Jen said...

What do you mean? I always choose carrots over french fries. And salad over a cheeseburger. And I LIVE at the gym. And I'm a liar. :-)

Carol said...

I know you want it for yourself! I agree with JD-- remember the 14 day habit forming rule? It truly works... This is something that you can put on the armor for and ask God for help! I just prayed for you!

Heaven Sent said...

JD is speaking for all of us... keep going! I think it can eventually turn into a habit, but I honestly think it will always be hard. But anything worth having requires work, so stay positive!!! It helps me to think about what I'll feel like AFTER I do something.

For example, if you keep with it, you'll feel like a new woman -- energized, healthy and darn-right proud!

But, say you give into a few yummy, but unhealthy meals and skip a few workouts, you will most likely feel yucky and guilty -- and unmotivated to go back.

You are on a roll girl -- we are rooting for you!

one hot momma said...

Hey are strong, and able and ultra inspiring! Thanks for your honesty with me, and for helping me stick to this with you! I know that you can do this! You are strong and I am so proud of you...running on that treadmill and all! Keep it going sister!