Sunday, January 21, 2007



Can you believe it? Florida here we come! We laughed, we screamed, we paced, swore, were convinced we were gonna lose and then saw our Chicago Bears come back and kick New Orleans butt! AWESOME!!!!! I have no voice left.

After the game we celebrated outside banging pots and pans and screamed our heads off. Carol got an great text message "New Orleans flattened by Hurricane Chicago!" It's been a long time since the Bears have gone to the Superbowl...I was in 8th grade, hadn't met my husband yet and was still a natural blond!

What a great celebration we had...thanks to the Lampens, Decker's and Pruim's for the good food, great company and sharing such a sweet celebration.


Amanda said...

Great pics, the last one of you with the snowflake nose. Love the shoes, too. :) Oh, and Jen, that pic of you on the couch...could your boobs LOOK any bigger??? LOL! :) GO BEARS!!!!!!

Jen said...

Da Bears. What fun! We had a great time too. Love this pics of our little Thomas Jones! And I was so busy staring at my giant A$$ that I missed how huge my bosoms look. Thanks Amanda. :-)

Carol said...

Christine, we had a great time! Thanks for the wonderful hospitality, good food, and great people! Superbowl here at my house everybody!!! We will try to have a television in every room. Amanda, I too, loved the leopard shoes that Christine came out in! And Jen, you look absolutely terrific pregnant! Little T.Jones really bonded with Papa Ed, huh? Loved that laugh.

Kris said...

I watched the last hour of the game with a die-hard Colts fan and his wife, who is from Chicago. Interesting dynamics! I'm bi-partisan on this issue, but have fun watching other people get so excited--should be a great game!