Thursday, January 11, 2007

Out for breakfast...on a diet...


January 11...If your not pregnant or skinny already you are probably dieting. I've talked about this cliche' before and how I hate being driven by the societal "norms" but I am.

Yesterday I went out for breakfast with three of my good friends, Hot Momma, Feeding My Addiction and blog-less Tina. This is what the poor young very skinny waitress had to put up with:

Laura: "I'd like a Large tomato juice and do you serve salad for breakfast?"

Carol and I: "Gross! Tomato juice....oh, sick are you gonna drink that?!"

Laura: "Shut up! It's good! OK, I'd just like a dinner salad....but can you put extra veggies on it?(Sidebar...of course they can, it's Laura, she gets EVERYTHING she wants!end side bar) I'd like extra peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. Oh, and do you have oil and vinegar? Is it separated? OK, I would like that one the side please...and oh, please can I have another Large tomato juice. That's all."

Carol: "We'd like to split the vegetarian omelet." Christine interrupts: "Is that an egg white omelet? We have to have an egg white omelet!"

Carol: "Dry wheat toast and can we please have fruit instead of hash browns?"

Christine sobs in the corner of the booth for the loss of the hash browns.

Tina: "I'd like a fruit platter with no strawberries and fresh melon and a dry English muffin."

When the food came Tina, Carol and I all spent minutes convincing Laura how beautiful her breakfast salad looked and watched her pour copious gallons of red wine vinegar on it. (She's on the cabbage soup diet with very strict instructions on how to lose 80lbs in one week.)
Carol and I split a very large football shaped white omelet filled with vegetables and Tina picked at her not so fresh melon and dry English muffin.

In the end we had great conversation and walked throughout the day very proud of ourselves. But in the back of my mind I played the video of us going out for breakfast for my birthday when we ordered pancakes, french toast and Eggs Benedict, and I wondered, "have we really become our mothers?"


Carol said...

LMAO!!!!!!!! Yeah, I wish. OK - Reality: Spitting out my coffee laughing, but exercising my butt off. I had two great work outs today! :)

Jen said...

I can SO picture the 4 of you there. HA! I want to come with next time and order hash browns with onion, mushrooms, bacon, and cheese topped with 2 eggs over-easy and an English Muffin with butter. And some sweet tea to top it off. YUMMO!

melissa :) said...

LOL!! Yuck. I would say 'sorry I missed it', but I think I'd be lying. ;)

one hot momma said...

Carol, two work outs?!? With whom??? and with what on?
Christine, I am laughing so hard my shrinking tummy hurts even more! I was replaying our breakfast in my head this morning and was laughing out loud then too. How hysterical, we should submit this to SNL and get paid gobs for it!
Jen, we'll be there for you when you're trying to shed the baby"hashbrowns,bacon, cheese and eggs" and we will hold you up!!! Well, maybe we'll hold the baby(s) when by the way do you find out?