Thursday, September 28, 2006

He's Home!

Hey everybody~ I took Doug home this afternoon around 3:30pm. It seems as if the lining around his heart or lungs or both is inflamed because of the virus he had. I don't totally understand why or how this happened...but what I do know is that it was NOT a heart attack! He took a stress test this morning and the pain came right back and was worse...that was really scary and unexpected...but the test results came back normal so they sent him home with orders to rest and take it easy for a few weeks...we'll see...Thank you for your thoughts and prayers...I'm so grateful.


Amanda said...

Your hubby came home and my daughter went in...NOT a good trade off! Glad to hear Doug's doing better. Hope he's able to rest and not worry about things back at the office for a bit. *hugs* to you all!

Carol said...

I am so thankful Doug's home. God does answer prayer!

Jen said...

Glad to hear he's not "got dead" to quote Amelia. I was telling Tim when he got home and Amelia came running in from around the corner and said "Unc Doug got dead?"