Friday, September 29, 2006


Doug is still in a lot of pain...although he won't fess up to it. Comming home meant walking around a lot more than he did in the hospital and that brought on pain. I don't know what to expect these next couple of days...weeks...because we got no real instructions from the doctor because Doug is a Dr and they all just know these things. Unfortunately, the wife did not go to medical school so I'm sort of in the dark about all this...I hate that. So, I'm trying to keep everything quiet around here and let him get his rest...much tougher than it sounds! Thanks again for your prayers and support.~Christine

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Carol said...

Tell Douglas to take it easy, please! He does not need to be running around or even walking around for that matter! If you need to, you can borrow my handcuffs. ummm...I mean...I'll see if I can get you some handcuffs...uhhh...did i just say that?