Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering Tuesday September 11, 2001

I remember sitting on the coffee table in front of the TV just watching with disbelief at what was happening, I couldn't really even comprehend what was going on. Honestly, I saw the video of the first plane crashing into the tower, I thought it was a special didn't look real.

I needed to bring Christian to his 2nd day preschool...I didn't know if it was safe. I listened to the radio for the entire ride and kept looking outside wondering if the people around me knew what was going on??? On my way home, their was a report that there might be a plane headed to Chicago...what was happening?

I have never been so afraid.

I never thought this could happen.

Where were you??? What were you doing when you heard?? How did you feel?? How has your life changed??


Carol said...

I was in a bowling league on Tuesday mornings. I remember first hearing the news as I was listening to the radio in the van on the way to the bowling alley. The lanes turned the news on the screens so we could see what was going on. I remember calling Dave when I got back home after watching it again and again and again...and hearing the story unfold. I remember calling Dave on his lunch hour and telling him that it was unbelievable - horrifying - overwhelming to watch anymore. I didn't want to leave the television on anymore because my boys were 6 and 7 years old, so I would go up to my room to watch the news on that TV.

Kristen said...

I was Michigan with Joshua, 6 weeks old. It was an unexpected trip for a good family friend's funeral. She died of cancer at age 50. Double grief. We weren't able to return home to Alaska for 10 days. It was also my niece's first birthday. A decision was made to still have the family party, although it was strangely solemn.

Jen said...

My mom called and asked if I had the TV on. Um, well, yes if "Clifford" counts. She told me to switch to 7. I literally switched 5 seconds before the second plane hit so I saw it before I had any idea what was happening. I then took Caroline to preschool and no one there knew anything. I told the teachers and they just said "Oh, how sad" I don't think they understood what I was trying to tell them. I spent most of the day alternating between turning the TV off cuz I didn't want to see anymore and turning it back on cuz I couldn't stand not knowing what was going on. My FIL was stuck in Portland OR and my SIL was in the air on the way to Orlando with her soccer team. I also spent most of the day on the phone with Christine.

Melissa :) said...

Cade was 5 months old & I was feeding him is a.m. bottle. I'll never forget that day. And still now, everytime a "breaking news" story interrupts my tv show, I get chills. I always will. Life is now in perspective for me. Forever.

Becky said...

I will never forget that day... never. I was actualy at home that morning. I had to go to a conference in Tinley Park, but it started later in the morning. So I was getting ready and had the news on. They broke into the local news to report the first plane hitting the WTC. They were assuming it was an air traffic control error or something... just an accident. I didn't think it could just have been just an accident, but I figured they were trying to keep speculations down. When I actually saw the 2nd plane fly into the other tower, I KNEW this was no accident (as did everyone at that point). And right after that I had to leave for my conference.
I remember listening to the radio all the way there and just praying out loud in the car! I couldn't believe I still had to go to this stupid conference. But I went, and they still went on with the conference. But they would interupt the training to update us. First it was the plane hitting the Pentagon, then the plane crashing in Pennsylvania... all I could think was "What's next?"
I remember how strange it was for days after to have no airplanes flying above. It was just so quiet and erie. I remember wondering if the terrorists had any other attacks planned. I remember talking to the Lord A LOT! I remember crying a lot just feeling so sad for the people who lost loved ones. And I remember feeling like I wanted to do something, but I didn't know what to do.

JD said...

I was 4 months pregnant with Nora and on my way to Home Depot. I heard about it on the radio, but I had no clue what the world trade center was and really did not comprehend the gravity of the situation or the enormity of it. When I got home with my paint can, I turned the tv on (probably to watch my soaps) and soon figured out what it all meant. I spent the next 2 days in front of the tv with my best friend, Peter Jennings, just watching in horror, fright, and utter sadness for the people there. I cried a lot and wondered what the heck we were doing brining a child into a world such as that.

A year later, we went on vacation to NYC on September 12th. We missed all of the memorials and such, but we went to ground zero one day and just walked around it. I would never have been able to comprehend the size of that site if I hadn't seen it... I was disgusted and saddened by what we saw there - tourists ripping holes in the tarps that blocked the view of the clean up efforts, and people taking their pictures in front of the site. I couldn't believe that people were being so incredibly insensitive - especially just days after the 1 year anniversary. I was horrified that someone (and there were many someones) would take a picture in front of a grave like that. Made me very, very sad.

Missy said...

That morning after I put Kayla and Jordan on the bus I went back in the house and turned on the Today show like I always did when they left. I too thought it was some special effects shot, it took me a bit to figure out that it was real. We had a appointment on I think the 17th floor of the Mayo Building that day at 10am. (Rick's procedure) and I remember being really scared to go up there because the Mayo Clinic is so famous. We almost didn't go because on the way downtown I heard about the 3rd plane hitting the pentagon.

Amanda said...

I was at our Tuesday morning Bible study at church. One of the leaders came in at one point and said that a plane had hit one of the towers, and a few minutes later, she came back and said that the other tower had been hit. We all headed home shortly after that. I listened to the radio the whole way home and immediately turned on my tv when I got there. I called Jared at work, and he said they were all watching tv. I asked him to come home...I honestly don't remember if he did or not, now that I think about it. Luke was 15 months old, and I was pregnant with Annaliese at the time. I just remember being so emotional about the whole thing.
That night, a family with ties to our church went to a prayer service at their church. When they left, the daughter, who was about 8 months pregnant, got in her car and the parents and their sons got in their car and they all left. A very high driver hit Lindsay's car right in front of her family, killing her and her baby instantly. I didn't know them, but was just struck by the depth of the grief all around us. I remember crying a lot over the next few days, calling my parents constantly and feeling like a kid for doing so.

one hot momma said...

We were living at my mom and dad's house because I had just had Alaina and our new house wasn't finished yet. Bob was working and I was getting ready to take Colin to preschool. My girlfriend Linda called to tell me to turn on the tv. I think I sat on the phone with her and didn't say anything for at least an hour, neither of us could hang up. I had all three of my babies with me, all under 4 and I suddenly understood what feathering your nest meant. I didn't want to go anywhere I wanted to have them all on my lap with me and stay safe in bed until there was no more terror or fright in the world. I mourned for their innocence and for how the world was about to change. I remember getting a frantic call from my sister who was in Italy and couldn't get any information at all because CNN was being blocked or something. She was frantic because they weren't in the states, but also because they lived in PA and didn't know any information except that a plane went down somewhere in rural PA. They live in a very rural part of Pennsylvania and were so worried about her inlaws. It was an awful, awful day. I am so grateful and proud of all of the service men and women that serve each day to secure our safety.