Saturday, September 16, 2006


For weeks my husband and my girlfriends have been talking in whispers, having secret meetings and have stealthily planned a trist for my birthday. I have to congratulat them, they pulled it off...I did not know what was going on and they truly kept all the details from me. Here's how it went down,

Wednesday is coffee day and we had planned to go out for breakfast to celebrate. Laura came to pick up the kids to take them to the bus, she gave me one of those grins that said, "Let the games begin!" I was told that Tina was going to pick me up and drive me to breakfast. Strange... I thought something must be happening at my radar was up...way up! I sat at breakfast just waiting for something to happen but it didn't. We simply had a nice breakfast and then everybody left. Huh! Tina drove me home and we sat and talked for a while. Soon Laura was there too. We were just talking and I was planning my afternoon, I was going to take a LONG was dark and dreary outside...the perfect napping weather.

At noon, Doug walks in the door...strange! He hands me a WAD of cash and tells me that I have to go shopping and can't come back for 2 hours, strange! My birthday is a day away...why are we doing this now? Tina and Laura inform me they have work to do and that they can not come with me...strange...what the heck is going on here...what kind of work???I was completley snowed!

When I get back, my house is clean, my kids are gone, my bags are packed and my husband is ordering me back into the car....where are we going? OUT! OH, ok...strange...Turns out that the girls packed my bags while Doug took the baby to grandma's. Everything had been taken care of and I was going to be gone until SATURDAY! WOW!

We went to a beautiful hotel/timeshare at Eagle Ridge in Galena. The next morning, Doug woke me up early and told me to take a shower and get dressed in comfy clothes. I didn't need any make-up and my hair did not need to be done. Strange...he had booked me 1/2 a day at the Spa. A massage, a manicure and a pedicure was how I was going to spend my birthday...NICE! After the massage a bottle of champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries was waiting just for me...a WHOLE bottle of champagne at 10:30 in the morning...SWEET! The massage therapist had told me that I needed to learn to relax more...she should have started me with the champagne because after 1/2 a bottle I was starting to relax and after finishing the whole bottle let's just say I was WAY GIGGLY!

So, that was the story of how my husband and my girlfriend got me good! It is amazing to have so many people in my life who love me so much! Thank you to the girlfriends who helped Doug plan and took all my kids...I have a lot of them! And special thank you to Doug for working so hard to make my birthday so takes a lot of work to plan and pack for 6 people...even harder when you are trying to keep it a secret...he did a great job! It's gonna be hard to top this one...but if anyone has any ideas let me know!


Carol said...

WOO-HOO! I'm so very glad that you had a terrific time and a GREAT birthday. You so absolutely deserve it!

Amanda said...

Wow...what an awesome couple of days...good job guys!!! :) Oh, and my bday is in April- if Doug wants Jared's email address to give him some pointers, let me know. LOL! :) Glad you had an awesome birthday, Christine!

Missy said...

How perfect!!! Maybe you could put my hubby on a mass mailer with Amanda's :) LOL
Happy Belated Birthday! Have a blessed year

kkoois said...

wow is right! that's awesome! what a great birthday.

happy birthday! glad to hear you had such a wonderful time.

JD said...

So glad to hear that you had such a great surprise and a wonderful birthday! Sounds like fun! Never had champagne at 10am... not opposed to trying it - will have to have Dave read your post:)

Melissa :) said...

Wow! Happy Birthday! :)

one hot momma said...

I'm so glad you were surprised and had a wonderful time...Doug was so cute planning and making sure that the details were all taken care of. I don't know if you knew this or not, but he even sent letters to all the teachers and even the bus driver about what was going on!
Oh, by the way, how did the purple "top" and the red "dorothy's" work for ya?
Love you!