Thursday, September 28, 2006

Prayer Needed

My doctor beautiful was admitted to the hospital as a patient yesterday because he was having chest pains. UGH! So far all the tests have come back that he did not have a heart attack and they also don't think he has a virus attacking his heart...praise God! We have all been quite sick here so hopefully this is just a side effect from the virus he had. But...last night was really hard...the kids are scared, I'm scared and really don't like this at all. Life has a way of catching you off guard and I'm feeling really shaken right now. Please pray.


Carol said...

I seem to think in song and pray in song much of the time:
Faithful One, so unchanging.
Ageless One, You're my Prince of Peace.
Lord of All, I depend on You.
I cry out to You again and again.
You are my rock in times of trouble.
You lift me up when I fall down.
All through the storm Your love is the anchor.
My hope is in You alone.

"Thank You, our Rock, that we can depend on You, cry out to You and You will lift us up and be our anchor. Thank You for the test results thus far and be with the Biermas today - give them hope and peace. We know that You have Doug right there in the palm of Your hand, and that's the best place to be. You are so faithful! Amen!"

one hot momma said...

Prayer works! Yesterday someone from Church called and asked what they could do for you...I told her what you really needed right now was to have everyone get a FULL night of sleep. Thank God for prayer! He is listening Christine, and He is the Ultimate Physician. You are all being lifted up in prayer!

Amanda said...

I can totally understand the fear. My dad went through the same thing a few years ago. I'm glad Doug appears to be fine...I really hope it was just a side effect from the virus.
There's a nasty virus making its way through our home right now, too, and we were very close to taking Annaliese to the ER last night. Her breathing became very labored, and her heart rate was extremely fast. She has asthma on top of this, so we were confused as to which was causing it...virus or asthma. She's doing much better this morning.
Praying for both of our families...hope you're all feeling better soon.

Jen said...

Been praying and will continue. Hope all reports continue to come back clear.

Keep us all posted!

Jen said...

Been praying and will continue. Hope all reports continue to come back clear.

Keep us all posted!

Jen said...

Been praying and will continue. Hope all the reports keep coming back clear!

Keep us posted~We want updates!

Jen said...

Sorry. . .*&^%*& blogger!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you guys - just think, had the blogging girls never started blogging, there wouldn't be this many more prayers for you:) Thinking of you guys, asking God to heal and provide wisdom and hoping to hear good news soon.

kkoois said...

i can only imagine how scary and stressful this must be for you right now. praying for you, doug and your kids.

Becky said...

Well, I'm sure you know you've been in and will continue to be in our prayers! I told Mom B., "What is going on with your sons? Dan better not be next!" I am very relieved to hear that it seems to be just a side effect of this crazy virus, but how scary! You are in our thoughts and prayers always! Take a deep breath and try to relax now, okay. Love you!

Jen said...

So he's OK? UPDATE WOMAN! I want to call but I don't want to disturb things. . .or should I call? Or is Dougie sleeping? Or are the kids all finally down and you are drinking wine? Or are you performing marital duties cuz there is no heart trouble? Or are you making dinner? OK, lost my mind there for a minute. You are most definitely NOT making dinner.

I'll call in the AM. Smooches.