Friday, September 01, 2006

Need to recant...and clarify

In an earlier post, I wrote that "I was disgusted by the traditional tone" of the prayer and praise service. Somebody called me on it, although they didn't sign their name...I think that is cowardice but I'm going to address it anyhow.

I am sorry for the way I wrote that post and hope to recant my words and clarify them...I don't know why you care but I do and so I need to post this. I am not as I stated earlier "disgusted" by traditional worship. That is how I was raised and I have respect for the hymns of the faith that have endured generations and have timeless messages that will never die. I love hymns that are played on big organs and sung loudly by large groups of people. I love hymns that are sung in the quiet of a nursery while rocking a baby. And I love the words of old hymns that come to me in the midst of trial such as, It is Well with My Soul, I Surrender All, and My Jesus I Love Thee.

What I was disturbed about or disgusted as I wrote earlier...after 4 days of not sleeping so cut me some slack please, was that the style of worship that my church and other supporting churches in the area were not represented. It wasn't in my opinion even attempted. I believe that was a "judgment" call by the Christian Education community. Maybe I will never be able to explain this because there is so much history involved...but, I longed for all styles of worship to be represented. I longed to sing the songs of our fathers and the songs of today. I longed for the older people in the congregation to accept, if you will, our worship songs. I use the term "our" loosely. I feel that having a service of strictly traditional worship in a group of many traditions, schools and communities is wrong. It shows elitism and issues a judgment on others who are "not like us."

I guess I was disgusted by the unspoken but clearly heard judgment that "traditional is best and all that "we" accept." That disgusts me. I wishe "we" would entertain that there are infinite ways to praise our Savior and Lord. There is no one way that is more spiritual or biblical or more right than any other. And I am disgusted when presented with that kind of attitude.


Jen said...

Tim wrote it and didn't sign it because he didn't want to start a thing not because he didn't want you to know it was him. He had hoped just one sentance would make his point. This post makes much more sense and now he/we understand.

Those of us outside that community had no idea what was happening and were a bit confused about the choice of words that seemed to be very negative towards something different than your own tastes. While I also from a personal point of view prefer a more "contemporary" style of music, I always cringe when I hear people at our church speak negatively of the "Dutch traditions" While I wholeheartly often agree with WHAT they are unhappy with (cliqueishness~is that even a word?!, the lack of emotion, the concentration of head over heart) often a tone of "we're better cuz we have drums" comes across. I know I've done it cuz my family has called me on it.

Thanks for explaining it~it makes much more sense in context.

Jen said...

Tim also said he wanted you to focus on the point he was making and not blow him off as "just Tim being a PITA."

Carol said...

I'm with ya all the way on this, MB. If you're planning it next year, and if Roseland is included as one of the representing schools, we should include some of their heritage, as well! Give me some good gospel! (did you see their dance group in one of those pictures?) :)

Mommy Brain said...

but Tim is a PITA

love doug

one hot momma said...

Very well written my friend. I agree with you wholeheartedly!